Golden Arrow Tournament

Prizes for the winners

If you add the Golden Arrow Tournament package we 

will have t-shirts for the winning team. 


Rules for Tournament play are below.

Elimination Tournament Rules

The object of this style of play is to have the most players and target spots remaining at the end of a timed game

General Rules

All players on the field will wear a face mask and have the bow in hand while on the field 

There is a Safe Zone between both teams fields:

    • A player should not be targeted while in the save zone.

    • The player shall not fire while in the safe zone. 

Start of Game

Players will start with bow in hand and at the far end of their field.

The arrows will be in the safe zone when the signal sounds players will retrieve arrows from the safe zone.

Getting a Player Out

A player is considered out and must leave the field if:

    • The player is hit with an opposing teams arrow in any of the following areas:

         Players body (including the head)

         Any and all clothing (uniform)

         Any equipment (bows, arrows, masks, etc.)

    • The player shoots an arrow that is caught mid-air by an opposing player

    • Players hit while out of bounds are considered out.

    • If a referee sees a person in the safe zone collecting arrows they can be called as out.

    • If a player is purposely out of bound a referee can call them out.

    • Once an arrow hits the ground or another person it is considered dead. 

    • If the arrow hits the bunker then a player that player is still out.

Players should raise their bow above there head to signal they have been hit

Recalling a Player

A player can return to the game if:

    • A teammate catches an opponent's arrow in mid-air.

    • When a target spot from front of the opposing teams field is knocked out.

End of Game

The game ends when:

    • When the countdown timer is complete

    • When all players from one side are eliminated

At the end of the countdown if there are equal points on each side play will continue until another point is scored braking the tie .

Referee Calls

We do not have instant replay, and will do our best to make accurate calls.

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